Healthy Eating

Trying to eat healthier by eliminating certain foods leaves people feeling dissatisfied and like they are missing out. Good Food Vegan can help you find new easy foods that can become your new go-to meals. No buying weird ingredients (well, maybe a few…but not very many!). Or boring meals that have something missing. No confusing and lengthy cooking processes. My goal is to make healthy eating simple and accessible so that everyone can find something new to try.

While I endeavour to eat healthy foods, I do not completely eliminate things that could be considered unhealthy (sugar, fat). My primary motivator in changing my eating habits is compassion. Health benefits of being vegan are a side benefit. Less healthy dishes (such as cake) should not make up the bulk of a person’s diet, but you already know that.

I believe that eating a variety of whole vegan foods, with the occasional less-healthy option, will provide a healthy diet overall. Some dishes can be made healthier with simple substitutions. I try to make familiar dishes healthier where possible by substituting whole vegan ingredients for the more processed ones. The majority of the recipes on Good Food Vegan are healthy, whole foods. From time to time I do use oils or refined sugar in moderation.

Recipes and Methods

My tendency when cooking is to use the ingredients I have on hand, and add things bit by bit until the dish is the way I want it. Taking a step back and paying more attention to quantities and cooking methods is a bit of a challenge for me. I have started keeping more careful track of how I make each dish so I can catalogue it here on Good Food Vegan. This has been helpful for me, too, because now I can more easily recreate the things that turn out well (or fix the things that don’t).

Red, yellow, and orange peppers.

You may find that some of my earlier posts are a bit vague, with a list of ingredients that does not have specific quantities. If you are an experienced cook, you will have no trouble with these, because you will already be familiar with the basic cooking methods. Experienced cooks will know intuitively how much of each item to add. An ingredient list will be all you need. If you have less experience and are trying to figure out more precise food preparation methods, the newer recipes will be more helpful to you. My newer posts have detailed ingredient lists and step-by step methods for you to follow.

With any of the recipes, I think it is helpful to add your own touch. Ingredients can be modified, swapped, or substituted and the dish will still turn out great. I make sure to note any finicky recipes that require more precise methods, but for the most part, none of these vegan dishes have to be too exact. Have fun. Experiment.

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