Little Round Potatoes

Little round potatoes are flavourful and fancy. They are perfect as an appetizer or side dish.The double cooking process makes the potatoes soft and tender on the inside, and slightly crispy on the outside. A small amount of vegetable broth mixed with seasonings makes the perfect sauce. If you are looking for a simple side…

Veggie Sandwich

A healthy and delicious way to get a variety of vegetables, this veggie sandwich is oil-free and easy to make. A veggie sandwich is a healthy choice if you are looking for a whole food plant based vegan lunch option. Chef’s notes Thinly slice vegetables using a mandoline and add to the sandwich in layers:…

Salad with Orange Hazelnut Dressing

A simple salad with a combination of crunchy and sweet, featuring kale, nuts, seeds, mixed vegetables, and orange hazelnut dressing. The salad is made with kale, red leaf lettuce, yellow peppers, red onion, carrots, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and almonds. Chef’s notes For a quick salad, dice the onions, peppers, and any other vegetables you…

Potato Salad with White and Sweet Potatoes

Potato salad is a satisfying side dish. This white and sweet potato salad is colorful and flavorful. Chef’s notes Boil diced potatoes for about 25 minutes. Cool and mix with finely chopped red onions, vegan mayonnaise, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and spices (garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, dill, oregano). For a healthier version, use blended…

Vegan Salmon Sandwich Filling

This vegan salmon sandwich filling is healthy and familiar, and contains no fish. Sandwiches are made with toasted whole grain bread and this delicious spread. Vegan salmon ingredients: Jackfruit (canned young green jackfruit in brine, drained and rinsed, then mashed with a fork) Mashed chickpeas (use canned or cooked chickpeas) Finely diced onion Ground flaxseed…

The Best Pancakes and Tofu Benedict

These pancakes tofu Benedict are based on recipes from the Gentle Chef Cookbook. The pancakes have a nice, fluffy texture and good flavor. The tofu Benedict is low fat and has a good flavor, with delicious hollandaise sauce. Accompanied with vegan sausage, this is a big, filling breakfast or brunch.


These vegan sausages are versatile. They can be eaten on a bun, in pasta as Italian sausages, slices sautéed and eaten on their own or in mixed dishes, or as breakfast sausages. The ingredients are prepared and then steamed in foil. The sausages can then be refrigerated for later use, or cooked and used immediately….

Potato and Spinach Tacos

This recipe is from These tacos are healthy and tasty, with a spicy potato and spinach filling. Red pepper flakes were used instead of poblano peppers, and a combination of onion and leek instead of just onion. Add salsa and cilantro, if desired.    


Flatbread can be served on its own, as a wrap, or topped with vegetables and baked as pizza flatbread.  

Soy Curls and Vegetables with Cauliflower Sauce

Like a spicy Alfredo sauce. Soak soy curls in vegetarian chicken broth and steam cauliflower. Meanwhile, fry onions, carrots, and peppers. Add soy curls. Stir fry with vegetables and keep adding broth as needed. Add sauce and broccoli near the end of cooking. Add more broth as needed until the sauce is the right texture….

Pizza Bread

This pizza bread is made with bread dough pieces topped with tomato sauce and cheese sauce and baked. Marinara sauce or lentil bolognese work well. Cook’s note: Bake the bread dough for about 10 minutes, add marinara sauce and bake for 10 more minutes, then add cheese sauce and bake for 10 more minutes. Cheese…

Thai Soup

This spicy Thai soup is made with coconut milk and vegetable broth as a base, plus onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, chickpeas, mung beans, garlic, and soy vegetarian chicken. Spices such as lime, cilantro, and ginger compliment the main flavors of curry and garam masala. Cook’s note: sautée the vegetables one at a time and…

Excellent Vegan Fried Chicken

The recipe is from here: I didn’t have any chickpeas made, so I used some chickpea flour, ground flax seed, and water instead of the chickpeas and cooking water. I made half a recipe, and it made about 14 pieces the size of the ones in the picture. I cut up 4 of the…


Crispy fries that are quick to bake because of their small size. These fries also make a good poutine!